Swalife Login – South West Airways Employee Portal Guideline


Well guys, do you like going abroad? If you like going abroad, of course, you know the airlines around you. South West Airways (SWA) is the cheapest airline in the United States. Comfortable travel and low prices are expectations of all consumers. If you are in the United States, you can choose this airline. SWA founder named Herb Kelleher. He founded this airline in 1967. The first location of the airline’s establishment was in Dallas, Texas. As the largest airline, they employ many employees. They must provide welfare for employees. So that the airline coordinates them through the employee portal. If you are a new employee there, you need to do a Swalife Login.

Swalife is a South West Airways employee portal. There, employees can find out their work schedule. Flight schedules often change. Therefore employees need to update information about their work schedule. Then employees can find out information about their airline. If you are a new employee, you may not know about Swalife Employee Login. Therefore, you need to read our instructions about Swalife Employee Login. We will help you create an account and resolve your problem. So stay with us to activate your Swalife account.

SWA employee portal

SWA employee portal

Profile of South West Airways

Well, before we discuss the employee portal, let’s look at the airline’s profile. So South West Airways was founded in 1967. They have headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The airline is the cheapest and largest airline in the United States. So they used this name in 1971. In the same year, they began serving consumers for domestic flights.

Now they have 55,000 employees. Every day the airline operates 4000 flights. Then this number will rise when the holiday season arrives. Even in 2016, they managed to get the most domestic passengers in the United States. Until now they are still actively serving consumers for domestic or foreign flights. Although South West Airways offers cheap fees, they still maintain quality. They pay attention to passenger safety and operating modules. Good service can maintain the existence of this airline until now.

What do you know about Swalife Com Login?

This information is useful for new employees at the SWA airline. Because employees can find out the benefits of working there. So Swalife is an employee portal owned by SWA airlines. They are easier to reach all employees in this company. Swalife has a profit program for employees. Because they can find out about work schedules in the office. Then employees can manage their finances. Starting with insurance plans, old age plans or health care. Then you can enjoy a turnaround, training and promotion program. Wow, can’t this portal help you? the following are some programs on the SWA airline.

  1. You can have health care benefits.
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So you can make health insurance with your salary. They will cut your salary to pay for this insurance. Well, guys, this insurance is for airline employees and their families. Here you can use insurance to pay for health care and purchase medicine. Or you want to maintain your health. Here you can do a health check before getting sick. So you can check the health of your eyes and teeth.

  1. They can pay you for short-term defects.

All jobs have risks. Airlines employees are at risk of injury. So companies provide insurance to their employees. If you experience an injury, you can confirm your condition to the office. So that they can give benefits due to short-term disability. Then you can use these benefits to treat your injury.

  1. They can pay you due to long-term disabilities.

Every flight has a risk of accidents. Even though doing an examination before flying, there is something beyond our ability. There are accidents that cause short-term disability or long-term disability. Here you can request benefits if you experience long-term disability. But everyone hopes this doesn’t happen. So you can save this information for your colleagues.

  1. You can register for accident insurance.

Furthermore, South West Airways employees get insurance for an accident. You and your family can benefit from this. So you can pay for your health care using this fund.

  1. Get special prices when shopping.

Furthermore, employees can save their expenses. You can save your money when you go to the hospital. Or you can take advantage of this advantage when using child care services.

  1. Then you can create a health savings account.

So you can make savings for health care now or in the future. You can get a discount when receiving health care. So you can save 3 times your medical expenses.

  1. The airline has an assistance program for employees.

Do you have family problems? Or do you have a problem with your child’s education? Here you can do counseling with officers in the office. They can help deal with the problems of your family or your child. They hope that employees can work quietly while in the office. Therefore, employees must not have problems that can interfere with their concentration. So the company has counseling services for employees and their families.

  1. You can make a retirement plan.

Next, you can set your old age now. Here they have a retirement planning program for employees. Then you can choose a retirement plan program that suits your conditions. So, you can get an investment according to your wishes.

  1. Company policy regarding profit sharing programs.

Well, this company creates a revenue-sharing policy. Here they assume that the success of the airline starts from the hard work of employees. They will share the benefits of the airline for their employees. Or you can buy shares of this airline. Then you will get a 10% discount for buying your shares.

  1. How many days can you leave for your work? Everyone likes holidays. Here you can get 10 days off. Maybe you need to plan activities during the holidays. So that you can enjoy 10 days of your holiday with satisfaction.
  2. You have special travel rights. Every South West Airways employee has travel privileges. Here you and your family can travel for free. However, you need to pay attention to the rules of this program. Here you can get hotel discounts, rent a car. You can even enjoy discounts for amusement parks.
  3. All employees have the right to have Basic Life Insurance. Here they can get insurance for a number of employee salaries. Or you can choose another insurance program. Here they offer an insurance plan of almost 10 times the salary of an employee.
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The need to do Swalife Login.

Before you open a self-login login page, prepare some of these needs. You need to make good preparation. Thus the South West Check in the process is smooth.

  1. You can prepare a computer device for Swalife employee login.
  2. Then you need to have an internet provider for your device.
  3. You need to have South West Airways ID or SWA ID. You can get this need at the HRD office.
  4. Then you need to have your account password. Get your password at the HRD office.
swalife login

swalife login steps

How to do Swalife Login

Previously, we discussed the profile and the need to access your account. Next, you can start the process of logging in to your account. On this portal, you don’t need to register. So, you will get an SWA ID and password from the HRD office. Isn’t this easy? So you can use this portal directly. Then you can register for a profit program at Swalife. Basically, this portal connects you with an insurance guarantee program. How to do a Swalife login is quite easy. You only need to follow each step we write.

  1. Visit the official portal Swalife.

The first step, you need to visit the employee portal first. Use data search applications like Google or Mozilla to help you. There you only need to write the employee portal keyword. Then the two machines provide several sites that match your keywords. You can use the keyword Swalife Official Website. Or you can use the website address of login.swalife.com.

  1. Enter your SWA ID and Password.

On the next page, you can see two columns. There you need to enter your SWA ID and Password. Both of you can get through HRD. Make sure you type the ID and Password correctly. So you can enter your employee account. If you are a Crew Web, you need to select the CWA Login button. Then if you are a retired company, you can log in via the login retiree button. There you need to enter your SWA ID and account password.

  1. Click on the submit button. Next, you can explore your Swalife account. Then choose the insurance program that you want. Or you can apply for holidays and take advantage of travel privileges.
What if I forget my SWA employee account password?

SWA ID and password are key to accessing your employee account. If you forget your password, you will not be able to enter your account. So, you need to update your password. Next, we will discuss how to find your password. Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the official portal Swalife.
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Visit the employee portal first. So you can use the keyword Swalife Official Website. Or you can use the website address of swalife.com.

  1. Click the Password Manager button. On this page, you can see two empty columns. There you need to enter your SWA ID and password.
  2. Click on the Login Help button. If you forget your employee account password, click on this button.
  3. Enter your SWA ID in the available column.
  4. Click on the Search button.
Southwest Airlines Career

Everyone wants a good job for their lives. Airlines are some people’s favorite workplaces. There you can be an airplane crew or work in an office. Then you can join this airline. We have discussed the benefits of previous employees. If you are interested in this company, you can read our reviews. There, the company will provide training for employees. They have a Days In the Field program. Employees can choose their favorite department. Then they can get knowledge while in the department. The company offers development programs for employees.

  1. You can get a training scholarship for employees.
  2. Then you can continue your education through scholarships.
  3. If you have a bachelor’s degree, they will give a reimbursement of 5000 Dollars per year.
  4. They own Southwest Airlines Gratitude. There you can get to know each other.
How to Apply for Southwest Airlines Career

After knowing the benefits of joining this company, then find a job that suits you. Follow the steps below.

  1. You can visit the official SWA website.
  2. Then click on the career button.
  3. Click on the Apply now button.
  4. You can enter your keyword position in the company.
  5. Click on one of the links, then read the terms of their employees. Usually, you need to fill out the registration form first.
  6. Click on the Apply button.
What You Need t0 Know About Southwest mobile site

SWA has an application for your smartphone. Here you can check your account for 24 hours. Then you can access your work schedule whenever you want. Previously, you must download the Swalife Application first. Here’s how to find out Southwest Mobile Site.

  1. Visit the Southwest Mobile Site official portal. You only need to write these keywords to find out the Southwest mobile site.
  2. Click on one of the sites. Choose a portal that suits your smartphone brand. If you use Apple, you can download the application through the App Store. While other smartphone brands can download this application through Google Play.
  3. Click on the Install button.
  4. Enter your SWA ID and Password.
Southwest Airlines Customer Service

Next, you need to know about their Customer Service. Maybe from our exposure, there is still something unclear for you. So you need to contact this airline directly.

  1. Southwest Airlines Phone Number.

If you want to book airplane tickets, call the number below.


  1. Southwest Social Media.

Twitter: @SouthwestAir.

Facebook: @SouthwestAir.

Instagram: @southwestair.

Youtube: Southwest Airlines

Linkedin: Southwest Airlines.